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2010 Jan 04 01:31 — Update!?

I was just thinking, I should update this site. I guess I'll get on it.

2008 May 22 05:40 — Anime North

I'm already waiting in Los Angeles for a flight to Toronto. Momo-i!

2008 May 15 23:51 — Narcissu Side 2nd English - Micro Test

From encubed:

It’s been a year since the Narcissu Side 2nd translation started. While still holding to their pledge of no status updates, Agilis has released a little teaser (dl1) (dl2) for us to enjoy. As a side note, it won’t play properly on a slow computer. This post will self-destruct in 3…2…1…

2008 May 12 17:55 — Kotomi's Birthday

Kotomi-chan, happy birthday!

2008 Apr 04 03:22 — Sakura-Con

I'm late, but ah, Sakura-Con is over.
I'm still tired.
Next, the post-con work starts for encubed.

Meeting and talking to the guests, especially Hiroki Kikuta and Yuna Kagesaki was fun. I even got a sketch of Gato from Toshihiro Kawamoto and a little onigiri on my Fruits Basket OP/ED single by Hiroshi Nagahama.
In terms of goods, I got a beautiful Mahoromatic cel from the bus in the first episode. I'm going to find a frame for it.

Anyways, I will post some pictures later, after I write up the interviews. Now, sleep.

2006 Oct 28 16:54 — UOW

I am the soul of my gondola.
Wood is my body, water is my blood.
I have guided over a thousand customers.
Unpassed by Himeya nor passed by Orange Planet.
Have withstood kinshi to create many ara ara.
Yet these words will never end.
So as I pray, Unlimited Oar Works.

Influenced by
Composed: 2006-10-25

2006 Sep 05 05:51 — Fan?!

My Miyazaki Nodoka fanlisting, Pudica Bibliothecaria, got its first member other than its owner! Yay! I hope more fans will find it and might give me more motivation to work on it faster since I've got a few other projects too.
Oh. And I want Kanon vol. 1 from Dengeki Comics.

2006 Sep 02 04:45 — More updates

Well, I put together a links page and added computers to my profile. My site reminds me more and more of random Japanese sites...
Anyways, I'm looking at three games I'd be interested in translating. al|together 2006 was fun so I decided I want to translate more visual novels/ADVs.

2006 Aug 26 22:00 — New site

Eh...scrapped the old one. It didn't look nice and was rather bloated since I was just having fun with PHP and GIMP. I should be installing Kareha soon and I'm interested in dan***ru...but I have heard that it's a real pain to install.

2006 Aug 18 17:39 — al|together 2006 project finished

Well, I'm done with my part of Hoshi no Furu Oka's translation. All that's left is for the coordinator to get everything packaged and on the al|together website ( if you don't know). It was fun and I hope to participate in al|together next year.