Noumurasaki Dokyou Kai

This circle translates Japanese visual novels into English. Below is a listing of the projects.

Shooting Star Hill

A new school term.

With the start of the new season, I began living in a new place.
I came to this city because my father was transferred.
Hoshigaoka, Chikusa district, Nagota city, Aichi prefecture.

My new home is a one-room apartment in a large apartment complex.

Then, I met her.

A story about one boy's meeting on the stage of reality.

Title (タイトル):Shooting Star Hill (星の降る丘)
Circle (サークル):Ebishuumai II (えびしゅうまいII)
Translator (英訳者):Kawatori Shinji (川鳥真司)
Release Date (発行日):2002-08-19
English Release Date (英語版発行日):2006-11-19
Windows:http (25.1 mb)
OSX:http (26.3 mb)
Linux:http (27.4 mb)
Original (日本語版):Vector
Screenshots (画面写真):1